96% of the people Xen introduce to us go onto request a quote!

Customer Background and Issues

We are a fairly new business working within the construction industry. When the company first started myself, a co-founder, was calling our database to create and win new business. As the company grew and with a very busy home life, we started struggling to find time to call potential new clients. We were not yet established enough to be able to employ a full-time sales person, neither did we have the time to manage them.

We started using Xen when the business was around 18 months old. Since Xen have started calling for us we have been able to put our time elsewhere within the business. This means we are running comfortably on time and all of our administrative as well as site work is completed to the standard that is expected.

Return on Investment

Xen have been fantastic introducing us to all of our clients. In fact, 96% of the people Xen introduce to us go onto request a quote, the ones who don’t are normally because the project has not gone ahead. We are always given leads that have a fast turn around and we normally start works with a client within around 6 weeks of our introduction from Xen.

So far, our sales to date are worth well over £250K and as it stands today we have over £100,000 of quotes outstanding from clients purely from Xen. We expect to receive a purchase order from the majority of these. If it wasn’t for our fantastic sales person at Xen and all of the amazing supporting staff our company would not have come as far as it has in the short time that it has been trading.

Outsourcing v In-house

We will now not consider creating an in-house position for a sales person. We can be flexible with Xen, we currently have 5 days a month however we are going to increase this later on in the year thanks to the amount of work they are bringing in and the business growing. It is a relief to not have to employ anyone direct especially with all the paperwork and legalities that come with it.

Mr Anthony Jay & Mrs Jessie Jay

Managing Directors

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