Amazing Staff Deliver Amazing Results!

I was delighted to hear a wonderful poem from a valued member of my team, that was unexpected and got not just mine, but the whole team’s emotions flowing…. From our wonderful Consultant, Sally.

Thank you to all of you , You all have such belief, When I got the appointment yesterday, I felt a sense of relief

Thank you to those of you, who got me here today, The wonderful Michaela, and wonderful Naomi

Thank you to Nikki who is just the best, and encourages me not to relapse, and Katie and Celeste, who help me with Synapse

Thank you to Jess and Daryl, For making work, much fun, and Charlotte, Toni, Tracey A, Julie and Gary, For all being No 1

Lastly and by no means least, A thank you to Tracey, For encouraging me through ups and downs, and making me a better me.

So thank you all so very much, Accept this this in my rhyme, for making me happier at work, than I have been for a long, long time.


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