Barbara | Cherryman Director | Guardian First Aid Training Ltd

I recently purchased some targeted data in order to carry out a marketing campaign. When it arrived it didn’t take me long to realise that the “named individual” was not who I wanted to aim my campaign at. I spoke to Michaela and quickly agreed a programme of data cleansing. This meant that the skilled staff at Xen Consulting contacted the companies involved and obtained the name of the individuals that I did want to talk to and the full contact details. This is something that I would never have had time to do myself.

Armed with the right information I then started my campaign. I am targeting only ten individuals at a time and I began to follow-up last Friday. The first follow-up call alone resulted in business worth almost £1000.00.

Xen Consultants offer a superb service, which is ideally suited to companies that do not have, or wish to employ, telemarketing staff. Her professional approach, her efficiency and her ability to produce results that are excellent are all compelling reasons to use her services. ”

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