Benefits of Sales Training!

As a telephone marketing company, the mastery of the fundamentals of effective sales techniques has been essential to the continued growth and success of Xen Consultants. This made us wonder how many other companies may not be thriving or growing as fast as they could due to sales skills shortages within their workforces.

We felt obligated to find a way to share our vast experience for the benefit of other sales teams who, possessing the passion and desire to succeed in their field, lacked the skills to do so.

This led us to develop a tried and tested Sales Training Programme which has been a tremendous success and hugely beneficial to many junior and even veteran sales professionals.

We asked our our delegate’s to comment on the main skills they obtained from training with us. The seven most common were:

  1. Effective, tried and proven call structure
  2. Strong foundation for which to build further sales techniques
  3. The importance of picking up the phone more – Not relying on emails or passive marketing
  4. Objection Handling (Feel, Felt, Found, techniques)
  5. Effective Fact Finding and Listening skills –followed by the ability to present to each prospects needs
  6. Learning to identify buying signals
  7. The importance of getting into the right mindset

If your company could benefit from increased conversions, more effective sales teams and more profitability, contact Xen Consultants Ltd to find out how we can help you too!

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