Celeste: Project Manager

Accompanying her family on charity missions all around the world, Celeste grew up immersed in the cultures of many exotic countries ranging from the cold post-communist countries of Eastern Europe to the tropical climes of Asia. Feeling the responsibility to continue the quest of making the world a better place, Celeste teamed up with an NGO in the Philippines focussing on large scale dental missions in the poverty stricken rural communities on the Island of Cebu. Later on, Celeste moved to the Capital Manila to carry out optical missions in the various government institutions as well as support and rehabilitation projects for The Women’s Correctional Institute in Manila.

South Africa became the next port of call where Celeste and her husband started a Non- Profit Organisation enabling volunteers from abroad to spend time helping to improve to the plight of so many desperately needy underprivileged children from HIV affected families.

During her 8 years in South Africa, Celeste also started and ran an events company which supported her philanthropic endeavours and acted as a much needed outlet for her creativity.

Celeste joined Xen Consultants a few years ago and is enjoying her role as Project Manager assisting with our clients’ business growth. She’s married with 2 sons and a little girl who is desperate to experience snow for the first time ever!

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