Charlotte: Marketing Executive

Charlotte started her career at Marks and Spencer from an early age whilst doing her A levels and Training at LCPA Performing Arts School who then went on to deliver various professional Performing Arts contracts such as Premier of Cinders the Musical Tour, Cinders Pantomime and more recently, working as Lead Vocalist in Egypt for 10 months with Ted Talent.

Charlotte is well versed in Sales being placed as Sales Ambassador at her previous role to drive sales and footfall using her face to face sales skills, she has also touched on Recruitment, being a full time Recruitment Consultant before venturing into the wonderful world she now calls Xen…

Working part time at Xen alongside focussing on her own business as a Professional Singer, Charlotte’s singing career is now blooming working in pubs and clubs, also moving into weddings and care homes. Charlotte is not only thoroughly enjoying her new role, she is soon to venture into new territory moving into her new home with her adorable partner. 

Outside of work Charlotte enjoys the theatre and “cute little weekend breaks in the UK” as well as her newly found love of Camping AKA Glamping…….Very different to the two month backpacking trip to Thailand, Charlotte loves to see new cultures and beautiful places in the world, however Xen has grounded her for now!

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