Devon: Marketing Executive

Starting her career at a very young age, Devon became a ‘business key holder’ at just 17 within Food Retail and then quickly promoted to Restaurant Supervisor for a well known big brand.

Devon then worked as a Technician in London at Market Support (LMS) for the Professional Indemnity Team, commuting to London for 3 months working at the Fenchurch office for Solicitors – although the tubes soon became too much!

Maintenance and Security management was Devon’s next career move, becoming SIA licensed in CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Receiving…..Now she finds herself learning the intriguing realms of strategic marketing and it’s amazing abilities at Xen Consultants.

Devon strives for success in anything she does, she can speak Italian and German and loves to show off her skills when she can!

We are extremely excited to have Devon on the Xen team!

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