Summer 2015 – Event organisers are harnessing the power of telemarketing.…

A new trend has been developing in the industry with telemarketers now being primed to call potential pre-registration attendees in a bid to improve visitor numbers.

We can all be forgiven for thinking that telemarketing is an unpopular marketing channel, but marketing as a function, has grown more sophisticated and with new marketing automation and technologies, has gained a higher profile within many organisations.

A recent article said that “The go-to for promotional channels has tended to be social media, email and direct mail invitations which can be effective, but speaking to your invitees directly is potentially the surest way of generating attendance at events.”

It can also be one of the few ways of discovering why invitees don’t plan to attend and engaging with those who are strong prospects but just can’t make the date.

Email marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be. As the events industry becomes increasingly competitive, organisers have to look elsewhere for more and more advantages.

One Event Organiser said “There is no better way of communicating your message than picking up the phone. More organisers are realising that they need to kick off the telesales/telemarketing activity more or less at the same time as other promotional activity.”

“In the past, telemarketing was used more as an emergency measure near to an event deadline when other marketing media had not delivered the results. This rarely works unless you are lucky or have a brand that sells itself and a free-to-attend event.”

The past 18 months have seen a major boost in event organisers using telemarketing to boost events.

A call can allow you to outline the benefits of an event to a prospect, and collect comments from the decision maker. It also allows you to gather intelligence about your potential new customer and gauge the potential success of your event.

With the arrival of digital and social media, the emphasis was on human engagement on a vast scale. We have shifted to new channels, but are now focusing on a multichannel approach with a new appreciation on the value of one-to-one human engagement.

The flexibility of telemarketing means it can add valuable human interaction at any stage of a campaign and dovetail neatly with other channels, often bridging the gap between marketing and sales.

Calling is time consuming and can dilute in-house resources, so we are often engaged when clients need a dedicated campaign. Given the importance of timing with event organisation, we provide a flexible resource which can be used at any stage of the promotion, to initiate interest among early birds, nurture interest over time or drive registrations with a strong push in the late stages, either as a standalone activity or alongside other media.

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