GDPR – Join Xen and become GDPR experts….

GDPR Processes Already Implemented at Xen!

1. Nominated a dedicated data controller

2. Created a set of policies that support and demonstrate compliance

3. Our full call record system is an audit trail in itself, dating back to 2014 as an example

4. Codes are populated to show where decision maker information has been obtained, the business itself as an example

5. When collating ‘personal information’ and updated directly onto a CRM, paper copies are destroyed

6. Installation of security tags on all live PC’s being used by employees

7. All incoming email responses are immediately updated on our clients’ database and marked accordingly with simple codes

GDPR – Our Top Tips You Can Implement!

1. Collect data for a specified, explicit purpose and use for that purpose only

2. Only keep identifiable data for as long as necessary

3. Keep data accurate and up to date, don’t lose, break or damage it

4. Set up a process for any future data collection to ensure consent is given and recorded correctly

5. Obtain data that is adequate, relevant and not excessive and match them with your products or  services

6. Ensure ‘opt in’ and ‘opt out’ options are on your email accounts to give choice

7. Contact your CRM provider or any other partners you are affiliated with, who are involved in  your database management, as they will be making changes to comply


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