Going the extra mile for our clients…

At Xen Consultants, we encourage all of our staff to go the extra mile for our clients, this could be by doing some extra research about a prospect or company we are trying to engage with, monitoring and following up on leads for our client during personal time to ensure timely opportunities aren’t missed and making sure we utilise our client’s time as responsibly as possible – all with the goal of going beyond what’s expected of us to ensure the campaign is a success.

This practice paid off in a tremendous way last week after one of our Telephone Marketing Consultants decided to make herself a personal resolution to make just one extra call at the end of the day rather than shutting down and leaving as would have been expected.

The project she had been working on was for a large software company, and the day had been particularly trying. Despite all of that and determined to stay true to her resolution, she picked up the phone one more time. Miraculously she had caught her prospect at an opportune moment, and was able to secure an opportunity for our client of monumentous scale, all because she was willing to go just one step beyond the norm, and push herself just a little more.

As in telemarketing, this simple law applies in all areas of our lives and rewards those who are willing to live by it. Next time you are tempted to just “phone it in”, no matter the endeavour, just go one step beyond – try a little bit harder and you’ll too reap the rewards reserved for those who are willing to step out of the flow of the masses and push beyond.

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