Michaela Craft:
Director and Founder

With over 20 years of experience in various industries including advertising, finance, automotive, retail, radio and events management, Michaela has developed professional excellence at many levels including telesales, field sales and management in various FTSE 100 companies. Armed with invaluable skills and experience gleaned over so many years, Dynamic Entrepreneur Michaela Craft set her sights on the vast undertaking of establishing her own, second to none, B2B Telemarketing Consultancy. In 2008, Xen Consultants Ltd was born.

Eager to find a way to finance her young daughter’s dream of becoming a dancer, Michaela was driven to excel at the roles she was called to play in the various companies she was part of. Michaela soon discovered that there was an infinite demand for good quality business developers trained in the art of helping businesses connect and form strong relationships with their target demographic via the telephone. This inspired her to establish a consultancy with the goal of bridging this gap in the market and meeting this ever-growing need.

Through Xen Consultants Ltd, Michaela continues to share her passion and expertise with thousands of others and enables small and large business alike realize their dreams and reach their full potential.

Michaela succeeded in her primary mission of empowering her equally driven daughter, Jessica Craft, to pursue her dreams and, thanks to one mother’s avid determination and ingenuity, Jessica is now enjoying a high-paced, rewarding career dancing her heart out for the hugely popular West End show Thriller Live.

But this isn’t the end of the story, Michaela’s passion and ambition restrains her from being solely content with past accomplishments; there are far too many mountains to conquer and unchartered territory to navigate – The best is yet to come.

Truly, this is only the beginning!

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