Naomi Webb:
Sales and Marketing Director

Sales and Marketing Director, Naomi Webb has been with Xen Consultants from its infancy, joining forces with Michaela Craft to form a highly effective team, fixed on the task of propelling businesses to new realms of growth and success.

Naomi has enjoyed highly successful careers in management level positions implementing high volume sales processes and employing intelligent time management skills. These smart business strategies kick started her career spanning a broad array of industries including club management within the leisure industry; television production field sales and marketing roles creating new business opportunities with blue chip companies.

Naomi has been integral to the success of Xen and is eager to share her expertise and varied industry knowledge with you.

Although Naomi is very much the business woman, she is also an enormously proud mother to beautiful twin boys who inspire her each and every day and are the driving force ensuring she succeeds in everything she does. Let’s not forget the two adorable felines, who guarantee there is never a dull moment in the Webb household.

Described as loyal, determined and genuine (and on occasion hilarious) by her closest friends, Naomi is dedicated to the Xen Mission and will continue to go from strength to strength.

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