Our October Blog – It’s Pants!

Our working partnership with JayTech has been so much fun!

Through our telemarketing and appointment setting services we’ve booked so many great meetings, but this one is special!

We booked an appointment with the ideal potential client – The National Art Gallery.

Tony (our client) was really excited about this one, being well prepared he arrived there early with his best suit on, he had everything ready for the big meeting. Unfortunately he couldn’t have planned for this..

When walking through the security gates, Tony dropped his paperwork, naturally he bent down to pick it up… Hearing the loudest sound of something splitting, to his horror his trousers had split from his bum to his knee and had to continue with the site visit with his undies flashing!

Needless to say, JayTech didn’t win that project… But it did give us all a giggle and set us up nicely for a friendly joke with some customised pants!

(JayTech..You’ve cracked it)

To this, Tony simply responded with a ‘Bra-Vo’!

Thankfully this was just one of the many meetings we have arranged for JayTech through our bespoke telemarketing services, which with our help are continuing to grow and thrive!

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