Spilling the tea on work experience at Xen!

Our March blog written by our first ever work experience dream.

Ten days in the life of work experience at Xen consultants, spilling the tea!

As a student currently attending school having not many responsibilities, going into a work placement seemed daunting and now I have a totally different view. I’m going to spill the tea on what it was actually like..

The first day….and the night before …

The night before my first day I went shopping and used work as an excuse to get new clothes. I bought pretty much a new wardrobe. The next day work started at 9am and everyone was welcoming. I then got given an agenda, I had never even heard the word until figuring out it was the equivalent to a timetable at school. I then got sat next to someone who I didn’t even know her name until after thirty seconds, she was friendly and chatty and asked me if I wanted tea or coffee, which I couldn’t refuse considering I thought I would be the one having to make every one them!

The day started with me getting straight into things while my tea was cooling down, I was building databases on spreadsheets for telemarketing campaigns and doing market research which I still have a lot of the names stuck in my head, but I was actually enjoying it and the atmosphere of everyone working on different projects and encouraging each other on phone calls, not at all getting distracted, shocked me!

I compared it to the typical school day….

I then listened into live calls (which yes, I never knew you could do that), which I embarrassed myself and put the headset on very weirdly and felt like a gamer, but soon worked it out. The day went around fast, and everyone was engrossed in their work but still managing to have a few laughs with each other. Very quickly the work day was over at 5pm for me and I was very tired. I couldn’t understand how everyone could still be motivated and energetic to stay longer to finish their work.

Two weeks…well 10 days…..

After nearly two weeks of sending many many emails, listening in to phone calls, writing many envelopes (around 100 to be pedantic), putting together marketing packs, drinking LOTS of tea, filling out spreadsheets for the working projects. Not only did my hands hurt, but I can say I enjoyed working at Xen, being involved in projects and sharing the joy of getting a successful phone call – even if sometimes my hand hurt from copying and pasting a lot!

I’ve also have a good understanding of how important Xen actually is and how they communicate through businesses and how essential telemarketing is in our professional society.  It will be weird not drinking tea and being part of the Xen team any longer. I’ve learned a lot from simply making sure my grammar is correct and shortcuts like press ctrl v to paste (you’re welcome it’s very handy) to building actual telemarketing databases that contain a lot of work.

In conclusion…. I’ve learned a lot and managed to handle more responsibilities and enjoyed the whole experience.

Crystal ☕


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