Spreading The Christmas Cheer From Ear To Ear!

Why the lead up to the Christmas break is a great time for telemarketing

Often a common misconception is that undertaking a telemarketing campaign in the lead up to Christmas isn’t a good idea…

Truth is, this is a myth!

The impression is that people will be winding down, not interested in talking, won’t have the time to meet and the timing of the conversations won’t be in line with what businesses want.

Many telemarketers will tell you that this is actually one of the best times of the year to call, and there are many reasons for this!

As businesses wind down for the Christmas break, prospects often have more time to have conversations over the phone.

They can also be in a better and more joyful mood, which is great because they are more open to hearing about new ideas that can help them improve business functions for their upcoming plans for the year ahead…

We all know the saying ‘New Year, New me’ – well this is the case with businesses as they tend to look at the New Year as a time to review what they currently have or don’t have in place and look for ways to implement changes.

The idea that the January (although only around the corner) is ‘far away’ also helps when arranging appointments for both the prospect and the person attending the meeting.

So…let us help you spread the Christmas cheer and talk to us about how we can help develop your business by delivering your message in the ears of your prospects.

Have a merry Christmas and may the New Year be the start of many new business relationships!

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