• Thank you again for all your work on the Origin Campaign.

    I would say that the campaign was very successful in achieving all the targets and objectives that we set out, and the return on investment was clear to see, even before the campaign had ended.

    The campaign was executed very effectively with input from me only when I was needed, this was ideal so I could concentrate on design projects and the business management.

    The leads, follow-ups, and actions were clearly communicated, and meetings were organised on multiple platforms.

    And for me, one of the most important things was that it was done professionally and in line with how we conduct our business.

    I look forward to working with you again on your next campaign and thank you.

    Matt Clarke


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    Testimonial – Origin Design Consultancy
  • I have used Xen Consultants now on two occasions and on both occasions they have gone above and beyond my expectations. We all think we do our best with being proactive but in reality we don’t have the time to spend cleaning databases and calling all prospects, if we did we would never get anything else done. Isolating a specific task such as this to a company does require putting your trust in them, and I can do this with Xen, they really do take the time to get to know your business.”

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    Sales & Marketing Manager Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa
  • I have used Xen Consultants on a number of occasions to help me build my Vistage Group. In the early days, they made calls to potential attendees for my 2 marketing events – and supported me on the day. Their active engagement definitely contributed to the success of both events in securing 3 of my founding members. Subsequently, Xen have supported several of my marketing initiatives, most recently to carry-out follow-ups to an email campaign to my “drip-feed” contacts, to get interest in our next local VOD. This worked particularly well because the Consultant (Tracey Russell) engaged so effectively with those she contacted. She secured 3 VOD registrations plus follow-up calls/appointments with 2 more contacts.

    To get this result in just 1 1/2 days is very effective use of time for me (I just wouldn’t get through sufficient calls & call-backs in that time).

    There are no guarantees on the results you get from telemarketing, but you can be sure that, if you use Xen Consultants to support your marketing activities, you will significantly increase your chances of success. They are passionate about Vistage and their sole focus during a campaign is your success in growing your group. The best approach is first to discuss what you want to achieve, so they can bring to bear the experience they have in working with a number of Chairs on different campaigns. They are very supportive and adaptable to the needs of each Chair. Give them a try!”

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    Andrew Hall | Vistage Chair | Vistage
  • There are no guarantees on the results you get from telemarketing, but you can be sure that, if you use Xen Consultants to support your marketing activities, you will significantly increase your chances of success. They are passionate …….and their sole focus during a campaign is your success.”

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  • Xen Consultants consistently provide both a professional and enthusiastic approach to the task in hand. As well as establishing a positive image professionally, they have also been a pleasure to work with on a personnel level and I look forward to working with them on an on-going basis in the months and years ahead.”

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    Director – Mahr UK PLC
  • “Nimlok were nervous about telemarketing given that much of our brand is about expertise and advice, but when we identified a specific prospecting project we wanted to undertake, Xen gave us the confidence to allow someone else to represent us.  Crucially we sat in their offices to witness the calibre of their team and they investment the time to come and learn our business before any call were made.  This was a significant time investment by both parties, but vital to protect our reputation and ensure the team where sufficiently knowledgeable to understand and handle prospect responses.  2 months later our investment with Xen has covered its cost with the margin from converted sales and left us several more deals to pursue.  We have also found them to air on the side of quality appointments rather than any appointment at all costs which again has reassured us from a reputation perspective and ensured our sales team have pursued the opportunities Xen unearthed with confidence”

    Nimlok | James Rook, Managing Director

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    Nimlok Testimonial
  • I recently purchased some targeted data in order to carry out a marketing campaign. When it arrived it didn’t take me long to realise that the “named individual” was not who I wanted to aim my campaign at. I spoke to Michaela and quickly agreed a programme of data cleansing. This meant that the skilled staff at Xen Consulting contacted the companies involved and obtained the name of the individuals that I did want to talk to and the full contact details. This is something that I would never have had time to do myself.

    Armed with the right information I then started my campaign. I am targeting only ten individuals at a time and I began to follow-up last Friday. The first follow-up call alone resulted in business worth almost £1000.00.

    Xen Consultants offer a superb service, which is ideally suited to companies that do not have, or wish to employ, telemarketing staff. Her professional approach, her efficiency and her ability to produce results that are excellent are all compelling reasons to use her services. ”

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    Barbara | Cherryman Director | Guardian First Aid Training Ltd
  • I have built my career on building sales and marketing teams, both in the UK and globally. The one area I have always had difficulty getting right, is the telesales element.  It is the start of the sales cycle and arguably the most important, as without it there are no leads to work on.

    Senior sales people tend to shy away from hitting the phones, they prefer the face-to-face element once the interest has been established.  On the other hand, junior sales people, want to move up the ladder quickly, so retaining good telesales people is hard.  Couple this with the fact BrightSourced sells procurement consultancy services, which is difficult to sell, as the objections you have to deal with are complex and typically take years of industry knowledge to be able to answer.

    Finally, I have found the answer to my telesales conundrum, in Xen Consultants.  They provide quality telesales operatives, such as Nikki, Daryl and Celeste, who are enthusiastic and see the role as a job to be proud of.  They have also picked up our message and industry knowledge in a matter of weeks and this has led to quality meetings, which are now in the process of turning into new clients.

    I see them as a valuable part of our business, not as an outsourced agency and I look forward to working with them all for many years to come.

    So if you are looking for a telesales solution, I would look no further than Xen Consultants….

    Simon Smith, Director at BrightSourced Ltd

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    BrightSourced Ltd
  • Xen Consultants now forms an integral part of the marketing strategy for NYS Corporate as they continue to secure high quality opportunities on their behalf. Xen have delivered two opportunities which have resulted in NYS winning contracts worth in excess of £2.5 million – a fantastic ROI.
    NYS Corporate look forward to continuing this partnership into 2014 and beyond.”

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    NYS Corporate
  • The Xen team were great. From the initial briefing through the calling and feedback process, all was very professional. It’s early days since the campaign (our sales cycle is usually several months) but sales directly attributable to Xen efforts have already far exceeded the investment.

    Andy Blane – Director – Blue Alligator

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    Blue Alligator Testimonial

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