Xen’s Exhibition at Business Expo Live

Xen Consultants Ltd and 4CM teamed up for a very successful exhibition at the Business Expo Live on the 29th of April at the breathtakingly beautiful Woburn Art Gallery.

The show was successful for us and we secured many potential leads by mingling with visitors and other exhibitors. We were also able to meet people who we may not have had the opportunity to reach any other way. Many individuals apprGary and Michaelaeciate conversing face-to-face in a more personable manner and the exhibition gave us the opportunity to do just that. Human to human is our motto, and our success at the expo was testament to the fact that this approach works!

We have already followed-up on all of the contacts we’ve met over the duration of the expo, how did we do this? You’ve guessed it – by practising what we preach and giving them a call!

We also had the opportunity to co-host a workshop presenting an in-depth overview of how to generate new leads, as well as highlighting new opportunities for business growth by adopting an integrated inbound and outbound strategy.

The workshop was co-hosted with Nick Brooks, Managing Director of 4CM and Michaela Craft, Director of Xen Consultants; it was a smashing success! From the packed out conference room, we deduceMicahela Colourd that this is perhaps an area that’s still a bit of an enigma for many Marketers. We were honoured to be able to help shed a little bit of light on this area and hopefully help many businesses through our presentation.

If you too would like to know more about the contents of our workshop, or would like some advice for your individual circumstances, please feel free to contact us – we’d love to help!

We had the pleasure of meeting many people representing a wide array of industries. The one thing that most of these businesses had in common was their desire to grow, drive new opportunities to gain new clients and increase revenue. We were able to offer advice on how to effectively structure marketing campaigns and how to carry them out successfully as well as the many advantages and benefits that they will bring.

Combining tWOrkshopelephone marketing with their current marketing strategy is a technique that some people hadn’t previously considered; with many years of experience under our belts, we were thrilled for the opportunity to advocate this highly effective way of engaging with one’s target market through a route they hadn’t previously thought of.

Once again it reminded us of the importance of utilising a multitude of avenues of reaching prospects. Everyone is unique and respond to a variety of approaches; it’s extremely vital to provide ways for all prospects to engage with your business through whichever avenue most appeals to them. This is why telephone marketing is so effective; it offers a direct link to your potential clients in a way that other methods of marketing cannot.  Using telephone marketing in conjunction with other forms of inbound and outbound marketing will create a powerful vehicle that will be the catalyst causing your business to grow and thrive.

We look forward to generating lots of new business through this most effective avenue –The human to human touch. See you at the next expo!

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