How we started

pastWith over 20 years of experience in various industries including advertising, finance, automotive, retail, radio and events management; Founder and Director Michaela Craft achieved professional excellence at many levels including telesales, field sales and management in various FTSE 100 companies. Michaela soon discovered that there was an infinite demand for good quality business developers, trained in the art of helping businesses connect and cultivate strong relationships with their target demographic via the telephone. This inspired her to establish a consultancy with the goal of bridging this gap in the market and meeting this ever-growing need.

Armed with invaluable skills and experience gleaned over so many years, Dynamic Entrepreneur Michaela Craft set her sights on the vast undertaking of establishing her own, second to none, B2B Telemarketing Consultancy. In 2008, Xen Consultants Ltd was born.

Naomi Webb has been with the company from its infancy now Sales and Marketing Director and together with Michaela, formed a formidable team, forging a path in the market and establishing Xen as a model enterprise and benchmark in the industry. Naomi continues to be integral to the ongoing growth and success of Xen Consultants.


In 2014 Xen Consultants Ltd expanded for the third time and now consists of 20 permanent staff including 2 Project Managers and our Office Administrator.

Our new premises in Warren Park, Milton Keynes, is home to our wonderful team of highly skilled, mature individuals who have masses of work and life experience and the skills to connect and engage with prospects in a personable, human to human manner.  Their varied skills and backgrounds ensure that we are able to fit the right Consultant with any project no matter how technical or diverse.

We are proud to have a loyal base of clients who stick with us due to the trust we have developed and the results and return on investment that we have consistently produced. This is made possible by working together in partnership with our clients to develop bespoke campaigns tailored to their individual needs.


Xen continues to enable small and large business alike realise their dreams and reach their full potential. Our sincere wish is for every business to grow and thrive and we are certain that by working together, we can be the catalyst causing YOUR Business to do just that!

Our goal is to continue to grow our business based on strong, client focused ethics, which will enable us to be in the position to help even more companies to flourish and connect with their target market.

The best is yet to come, for Xen, this is truly only the beginning!

Here are some of our clients


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