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I have used Xen Consultants on a number of occasions to help me build my Vistage Group. In the early days, they made calls to potential attendees for my 2 marketing events – and supported me on the day. Their active engagement definitely contributed to the success of both events in securing 3 of my founding members. Subsequently, Xen have supported several of my marketing initiatives, most recently to carry-out follow-ups to an email campaign to my “drip-feed” contacts, to get interest in our next local VOD. This worked particularly well because the Consultant (Tracey Russell) engaged so effectively with those she contacted. She secured 3 VOD registrations plus follow-up calls/appointments with 2 more contacts.

To get this result in just 1 1/2 days is very effective use of time for me (I just wouldn’t get through sufficient calls & call-backs in that time).

There are no guarantees on the results you get from telemarketing, but you can be sure that, if you use Xen Consultants to support your marketing activities, you will significantly increase your chances of success. They are passionate about Vistage and their sole focus during a campaign is your success in growing your group. The best approach is first to discuss what you want to achieve, so they can bring to bear the experience they have in working with a number of Chairs on different campaigns. They are very supportive and adaptable to the needs of each Chair. Give them a try!”

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