Aspiring to be my best – Even at the top of my game!

Having been involved in building a business I consider as good as my own, I still want to learn more, self-educate and aspire to be better and better each day.

I never thought I could work in an office environment or be involved in telemarketing, how I was so wrong!

With personal inspiration being my motive to succeed in life, working with – what I deem to be a fantastic team of well-educated professionals, I also get the pleasure of ensuring we employ the right people who fit in with our company values.

Development is a key part of my daily being and there is nothing more pleasurable than managing a business and the people within, watching someone grow and succeed is what makes everything worthwhile…

Not only am I proud of assisting with the growth of the economy, I also get to learn about very different types of companies and give my own recommendations of how telemarketing can secure new opportunities to grow their own business.

We all have different motives that make us want to do the very best in life, mine have blue eyes and were both lucky enough to be born together!

Naomi Webb, Sales and Marketing Director

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