Be human, be more successful!

Sales Training can really make a difference to the overall business revenue. 

Our May blog shares some of the simple and most effective ways of how this can be done!

“We all know that a few kind words can make a real difference, but what if you made your potential customers feel special…

After recently conducting two days of my Sales Training course to 14 delegates’ – one thing they all said they would do differently was to work on being more human!

You may ask what this is all about…. where are the realms of training manuals, endless PowerPoint presentations, graphs of selling funnels – these are in the past, what matters today is daring to care by being human.

Our brains are made up of two sides, our logical side and our emotional side and you guessed it – 70% of our decisions are made with the emotional side. So, we need to learn how to really tap into our potential customer’s emotions…

Selling is a transfer of trust, so it’s vital that our potential customers understand we care about them, we care about their situation, we care about their own needs and only then will they trust our professional recommendations.

But how do we do this at Xen… we listen intently and explore their emotional buying triggers by using emotional type open questioning techniques. We change our words to be positive and meaningful, we also express a desire in our tone to want to work with them.

So next time you are speaking with a potential customer, think about being more human and don’t be afraid to use words that are powerful!

You will soon see what a significant difference this makes and watch out…. you may even start to enjoy being human. Overall, think about the end result – it will increase the business revenue.

Find out more about my ‘Back to Basics’ Sales Training course that is uniquely tailored to your business and your team’s individual development areas.

We would love to work with you….”

Michaela Craft, Director

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