Confessions of a Working Week!

By Ellie and Chloe, students at Moulton College.

We chose to complete our week work experience at Xen consultants to give us an idea about marketing, within the business environment. We are two students who are currently studying business at college one of the topics that we cover in the course is marketing, therefore, we felt that this opportunity would be very valuable to us. We wanted to understand how a marketing consultancy works, as we would like to pursue a career in this area in the future.

Our week at Xen…

As the week of our work experience was approaching, we didn’t know what to expect. However, following our arrival, we received a very warm welcome from the team at Xen who made us feel comfortable and part of the team. On the Monday morning we were introduced to everyone and the current projects that they were working on, we then received our schedules for the upcoming week which we were very excited to complete.

The working environment made us feel motivated to crack on and get as many tasks done as possible. To introduce us to how Xen as a telemarketing agency operates, we spent the morning sat with multiple employees. We were listening into their calls and followed them completing their project and duties for the day. After this was completed, we were given small tasks which eventually lead to us constructing larger data throughout the week to assist with the marketing campaigns being delivered.

During the week the employees were very quick to praise others when they succeeded, it was nice to see that all employees were proud of the team that they work with. Everyone was open to chat and share their experiences with us.

Michaela conducted part of the softer skills of the Sales Training course they offer at Xen. It was very interesting to see all aspects that go into marketing and how they are applied within the business. We also completed activities to improve our mind-set, when it comes to working – which are many skills that we will take with us in the future.

The week as a whole has improved our confidence and made us understand the importance of working as a team. The activities that we have completed have given us a lot of experience which we can transfer and use in our day to day lives.

In conclusion, the whole week has taught us a lot! It has given us valuable experience, grown our confidence and been a fun filled week of work.  We will miss not seeing everyone’s smiley faces next week….However, the opportunities and experience this has given us, we will forever remember and be very grateful for.

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