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Our March Blog written by another wonderful member of the Xen Team, Tiffany.

From the moment I read the job advert I was excited, I applied and kept my fingers crossed. When I got the call to have a telephone interview I was over the moon, then the first face to face was nerve racking but within seconds of walking into Xen I was excited, it felt warm and so lovely!

I left my first interview with Naomi and had everything crossed to be asked back for a second, when the phone rang I was so happy! On my return, I learnt even more about the role and met the Xen team and felt so inspired by Michaela and Naomi, and I knew instantly this was the job I wanted!

My first day at Xen was wonderful, within minutes the nerves had turned into excitement. Learning about the different projects and how we help the economy grow, was nothing but exciting. The coaching and guidance received throughout my first few weeks taught me call control, professionalism whist using a human to human approach.

I’ve already learnt so much about myself and each day I continue to learn more and more. Every day is different and the days go so quick…. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

I look forward to a challenging and rewarding future in Xen and giving as much passion as everyone deserves…

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