Our July 2018 Blog – The University of Life!

Our July 2018 Blog – The University of Life

If someone told you they worked for a telemarketing firm, you might think to yourself, “how boring, I couldn’t do that all day” but, that would be so far from the truth.

Agreed, if you are in a large call centre selling the same thing over and over and using a scripted message, then yes I imagine it would be!

Each day and each new project is a learning curve, it’s surprising the amount of knowledge the team have on subjects such as industrial flooring through to multichannel marketing or the latest learning and development courses.

As we work for different clients, we become an extension to their marketing department, pretty similar to being an actor, learning your lines and believing in the part you are playing so much so that you become that person, giving advice on the subjects to potential customers.

The added bonus at the end of the day is the euphoria you get and experience within the team when you secure a genuine win, knowing that you have nurtured this opportunity from the outset and built the report. It’s a constant sense of achievement and can mean so much to the company you are working for and adding to their success. It’s just so rewarding to see companies grow…

We are all experts in our fields but we can’t all be great at everything, we leave our clients to worry about thinking outside of the box, whilst we generate the business for them inside the box.

So next time you think about telemarketing, think again, there is more to it than just a faceless individual, we are real people, passionate about what we do and for us we work in the University of Life!


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