Our November Blog…Who is Xen Consultants?

Let me explain…One of the great things about working at Xen is how the management team value our differences and see our strengths and weaknesses, not as black and white or good and bad, but as individuals and assets for telemarketing.

Anyone who has met the Xen team knows that we have a wide range of employee skill sets from ages, background, work history, no two of us are even similar – let alone the same!

This doesn’t mean we aren’t all great at our jobs but rather that we have the perfect Xen Consultant for your telemarketing campaign…

We have the skill set you’ve been looking for! Having us all with different experiences and backgrounds means that whatever the client offering, project or target market, we have someone in our team that will understand your world and be able to speak about it with the same passion and intellect that you do.

We have Consultants with a technical and IT background – meaning we can have those complex conversations with high-level people without the worry of you having to train your staff from scratch and having the reassurance that we can represent your business as well as you would over the telephone.

On the other end of the scale, we have Consultants from a more customer facing background – meaning that if you need to be represented with more compassion and empathy, then we have that expertise.

In partnerships with our clients! We become a part of our client’s team and successfully integrate with their current marketing strategies, not only securing new business opportunities through an array of telemarketing services, but raising the awareness of their brand and company profile.

We appreciate that word of mouth and that initial experience with a company is of vital importance when making business relationships, which is why we have the perfect Consultant for you…


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