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Xen Consultants Ltd. work within a proven sales process which is tailored to your requirements.

Increase your sales team’s confidence and see improved results by participating in sales training with us.

With over 20 year’s of highly successful experience in many fields, we work with your sales team to analyse their individual skills, help them to improve their sales processes and teach them our proven, winning telephone structure. This will result in increased confidence, newly acquired probing and fact finding skills, keys to telephone marketing success and much more – all of which will ensure they achieve their goals and exceed their sales targets.

With on the job training and support we can help to develop your most important asset – your staff.

  • I have built my career on building sales and marketing teams, both in the UK and globally. The one area I have always had difficulty getting right, is the telesales element.  It is the start of the sales cycle and arguably the most important, as without it there are no leads to work on.

    Senior sales people tend to shy away from hitting the phones, they prefer the face-to-face element once the interest has been established.  On the other hand, junior sales people, want to move up the ladder quickly, so retaining good telesales people is hard.  Couple this with the fact BrightSourced sells procurement consultancy services, which is difficult to sell, as the objections you have to deal with are complex and typically take years of industry knowledge to be able to answer.

    Finally, I have found the answer to my telesales conundrum, in Xen Consultants.  They provide quality telesales operatives, such as Nikki, Daryl and Celeste, who are enthusiastic and see the role as a job to be proud of.  They have also picked up our message and industry knowledge in a matter of weeks and this has led to quality meetings, which are now in the process of turning into new clients.

    I see them as a valuable part of our business, not as an outsourced agency and I look forward to working with them all for many years to come.

    So if you are looking for a telesales solution, I would look no further than Xen Consultants….

    Simon Smith, Director at BrightSourced Ltd

    BrightSourced Ltd

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