Telesales is like Marmite!

Our November Blog written by a tremendous member of the Xen Team, Ruth.

First things first, tea or coffee… just caffeine…Then we can begin.

Our day starts quietly with the team starting to arrive from 8am ready to start promptly, checking emails and making sure all the kids and husbands are okay and still driving us crazy!

Email checking at Xen is serious business, we spell out phonetically letter by letter to ensure accuracy, we work on so many different and diverse projects any one of those big brands we have been chasing for as long as a year, could have emailed back to find out more. Once the emails are checked we make sure we have everything we need. Normally this includes a tick sheet, so we can keep check of our productivity throughout the day, from how many dials we have made to how many emails we have obtained and sent. Then the decision maker contact happens, this is when the magic happens….

We are an odd but brilliant breed of telesales consultants here at Xen, we know a little about an awful lot, we can hold conversations with CFO’s of fortune FTSE 100 companies right through to Procurement Managers for their fire risk assessment and legionella requirements. So every morning we brush up on the subject we will be talking about all day, making sure we can talk about our clients business with the same confidence, knowledge and passion that they would.

Before we get going and dive in we will often talk strategy for the day with our project manager, what the plan of action is, where the last successes came from, how best to work the data and so on.

This is all before 9am!

We make our telesales calls one after one and send email after email – BUT the calls we make are very intelligent and the emails we send are not just standard. We don’t say the same thing every time over and over again, we do our research on the company or person we are calling, because we want them to feel like they are talking to a human with a solution to their problem… Or we simply create the opportunity to make them want to use our client rather than their current supplier.

Yes I’ve given our trick away – we are human!

At 1pm we take our lunch break, this usually means chatting about the silly thing the kids have done, the latest diet trend or the news headlines on the daily mail and…maybe some shopping.

Round 2 begins – 2pm start, we continue to tailor our approach either over the phone or on our emails and persevere because we know we WILL catch the right person, with the right need, at the right time and secure that opportunity. Yes of course it doesn’t happen on every call, we are not magicians… But when that does happen, then we will make sure we leave knowing we did our absolute best and set ourselves up for the next dial.

Throughout the day we keep ourselves going with a steady stream of tea and the occasional biscuit, a bit stale or not, we aren’t fussy.

Then we get towards the end of day when we hang up our phones. You may think it stops there but oh no….there really is a lot more to do! We need to give our clients the best overview with the end of day report so they know exactly what we have been up to all day…

Then we wash up the mugs, sort out the target boards and get the whole place ready to go again!

Honestly and truly…I hate Marmite but I love my job!


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