Tiffany: Marketing Executive

Previously Tiffany worked in the retail industry in ladies fashion, as her love for clothes, shoes and handbags was the main driver!

Working part time whilst studying at college, Tiffany then worked her way back into a full-time management level role within retail. After becoming a mummy to two gorgeous little ones, Tiffany wanted to spend time with her babies but soon found herself back at work in the motor industry, working for Audi..

Describing herself as smiley and bubbly, she always wants to be the best she can be in everything she does, Tiffany loves an opportunity to better herself, learning new skills and setting new challenges. Excited to be part of the Xen Team, and the endless possibilities to grow, Tiffany is ready.

Tiffany’s main project is Healthcare, something that she brings to the table with excellence!

Outside of work, her dog Buddy gets all the love, with those long walks with the family. Tiffany loves to spend her evenings relaxing with lots of Chocolates!

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