Why Telemarketing is the Solution to your GDPR Dilemma!

Our June blog gives some key insights into the new data protection law the whole nation is talking about…

Over the last couple of months, marketeers all around the country have been wondering how they can continue to market and engage with their prospects whilst adhering to the strict (and somewhat nebulous) GDPR regulations that came into play at the end of May.

Many companies employ email marketing as a fruitful avenue of reaching prospects and generating new interest in their businesses. You may also have been wondering “What does this mean for my outbound marketing and how can I continue to effectively relay our message to my target market without relying on the use of email marketing?” The good news is that you can!

Let me explain: Whilst email marketing may have to be done in a more strategic manner, e.g. no more mass mailing to large databases etc, only done in conjunction with a thorough and meaningful database (which you’ll need to utilise telemarketing for), Telemarketing on the other hand, has been given a new lease of life as a result of GDPR and is even more integral to a well-rounded marketing strategy than ever before!

This is because (contrary to popular belief) contacting prospects over the phone doesn’t come under the same regulation as the GDPR law. This is because when it comes to calling for marketing purposes, the GDPR views the company’s interest in promoting their product or services as being of low importance, but also sees the customer’s minor inconvenience at receiving a potentially unwanted phone call as trivial in relation to their possible benefit from the call provided that the call is conducted professionally. But what exactly does “professionally” mean?

  1. You make the prospect aware of where you are calling from
  2. You explain why you feel they may have a legitimate interest in receiving your call
  3. You display your number to the person who is receiving your call and finally…
  4. If the person you are calling asks you to refrain from contacting them again over the phone – you adhere to their wishes!

It’s proven that Telemarketing is still one of the most effective ways of generating new business second only to engaging with prospects face to face, so, why not make lemonade out of lemons and use the GDPR as a springboard to explore the benefits that could come your way through reaching your ideal customers via Telemarketing?

A secondary benefit to this is that you won’t have to give up your beloved email marketing, you’ll just have to contact your prospects FIRST over the phone to see if they are still relevant and receive their consent to continue to keep in touch with them via email – it’s that simple!

Celeste Crosby, Project Manager

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