Why work at Xen? I’ll tell you why I do…

Tracey Russell, a valued member of the Xen team wants to tell the world in her own words, why she works at Xen…

Why do I like working at Xen?  Well, where can I start…  After being made redundant almost 2 years ago, I jumped into a job out of necessity.  After a very unhappy 6 months, I took control, threw my CV out into the ether and was contacted by a very nice recruitment lady called Val, who said she thought she had found the perfect match for me.

She put me in touch with Naomi Webb and set up a telephone interview.  We had a lovely chat and I felt from the first moment, that this was someone I wanted to work with.  From this, I progressed to coming in for a formal interview with Michaela Craft.  I walked out of this absolutely determined to work at Xen Consultants, even though I had never worked in this industry before.

Michaela filled me with her enthusiasm for the company, the job seemed so interesting and varied, the office bright airy and all the people I met were so friendly.  I went home so excited, looking forward to the next stage.

This entailed coming for a second interview, where I sat with one of the Marketing Consultants, listening in to a project and then a final interview with both Michaela and Naomi.  This went so well, and I left with butterflies in my stomach at the thought of working at Xen.

As any woman would do at this stage, I went shopping to calm my nerves and had literally parked my car, when Michaela called me and offered me the job!!

My notice was duly handed in, and I started work on the 23rd June last year.  I can honestly say for the first time in a very long time, I look forward to coming to work.  My friends and family often comment on how happy I am.  The job is varied and interesting, there is always something different going on.  Everyone pulls together and works as a team, when one consultant achieves a great result, the whole office is excited.  We are targeted on results, but not in a pressured way, there is always understanding from the management team if you have not met them, and helpful positive coaching to encourage you to develop.

There are also treats, we have a daily raffle for everyone who hits target, we have sharing lunches – (which the boss pays for), and social evenings.

Well, where to finish…  All I can say is if you want an interesting satisfying challenging job, with great colleagues, line managers and bosses, then Xen Consultants is the place to work.

Written by Tracey Russell, Marketing Executive at Xen Consultants




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